My Name Is Denise And I Help B2B Tech Startup Founders launch, scale and get funding using my 5 step SaaS launch system within 90 days.
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Our Saas Launch Guarantee!

We guarantee our Process will get Startup Founders launched and collecting case studies within 90 days EVEN IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY finding product market fit and without spinning your wheels to find a proven process that works Or we will give you every last cent of your investment back, no questions asked.

All you have to do is be willing to follow a proven model that's been designed specifically for Saas Start-ups to get you from launch to collecting case studies like clockwork.

IMPORTANT: We have payment plans and commission models available if we think you are a good fit.


Here's how it works...

STEP # 1

Structure your B2B Saas Solution using our 3 pillar Saas Launch Formula.

Not all B2B Saas solutions are created equal and not all solutions scale.

Great marketing and sales without a sellable solution that consistently brings in new customers will end in failure, or subpar results at best.

We've identified 3 key pillars that you absolutely must have in place to survive in today's ultra competitive market.

Using our 3 pillar Saas Launch Formula we work with you and your team to structure your Saas solution for your specific target market.

During this process we cover every single element of your solution including pricing, messaging, packaging, etc and leave no stone unturned to make sure that we go to market with the perfectly crafted offer.

This part is absolutely crucial if you want to build a predictable marketing machine and avoid spinning your wheels with no idea where your next customer is going to come from like the large majority of B2B Saas companies. 


Position your solution in your target market by implementing the 5-step Saas Market Positioning Framework.

You've built a great solution and your solution can solve a problem in the market. Great! The only thing is, if it's not positioned and marketed well, you will lose market share to your competitors.

With our 5 step Saas Market Positioning Framework, we will put your solution in a competitive and advantageous market position that will blow away your competitors.

The hardest part about selling your solution is that your target market most of the time can't directly identify why they should choose your solution over other solutions.

With the 5 step Saas Market Positioning Framework, selling your solution will become a breeze.

STEP # 3

Go-to-Market with your solution using the Saaslaunch.io Business Development Strategy System that no one teaches you.

Your ability to gain access to your audience in your target market will make or break your business.

During our initial consultation, we'll identify the best outreach strategies and platforms for your specific solution so we can focus our time and attention where it will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Using our proven outreach framework, we help you craft a high converting sales funnel. One that we have iterated and A/B tested in the Saas market to perfection. And we help you craft marketing messages that cut through the noise so you can book sales appointments with your target audience.

These sales funnels and templates have been responsible for scheduling sales appointments like clockwork for both ourselves and our clients.

STEP # 4

Close new business and collect new case studies at record speed using our 3 Tier Saas Advanced Sales Process.

Now that you have opportunities on your calendar it's time to close some deals.

Using our 3-Tier Closing process, we turn you and/or your team from average sales people into closers and closers into absolute sales machines.

This is not an exaggeration, we've literally taken startup founders and/or sales teams with moderate sales experience to 60%+ close rates in a matter of weeks, all while continuously collecting case studies!!!

This isn't your normal run of the mill sales training, this is the hardcore, close 6 figures a month stuff that everyone at the top of the game knows but no-one will teach you.

And the best part is... you don't have to use scammy, sleazy sales tactics, pressure customers into a deal over the phone, or try to take credit cards on the call.

Using this process you can close deals at ease simply by re-positioning the way you present your solution and removing friction from the sale.

STEP # 5

Get Funded for your Saas Startup with the Pitch Perfect VC Formula.

You've gone to market, your solution is positioned and marketed well and you've been selling and collecting case studies. The next step is: scaling! An investment from a VC can help your startup further develop your Saas solution, find the right team members and help you scale to that next level.

There's so much more that goes into getting funded. With our Pitch Perfect VC Formula, we help you include elements in your startup that make you investor ready and help you get connected with VC's.

Many startups have failed at getting funding simply by not knowing where to find VC's, how to connect with these VC's and how to structure their pitch to include elements that make them more investable. 

Our formula teaches you, how to be investor ready, how to connect with the right VC's (even if you don't have any connection to an investor in your network) and how to best pitch your solution to raise VC capital.

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Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

When Esteban and his co-founder launched their Saas platform they quickly understood that it was not easy go-to-market and get traction from customers. Even with 20+ years of working experience in the Tech industry, it was a struggle to close deals let alone get funding.

The Results

Once we did a full analysis of their solution, understood how to position it compared to their competitors, and started working on their go-to-market strategy vastly improving their marketing and sales, Esteban soon saw what was missing to get customers on board. Once traction was met, we got Esteban over 50 VC meetings which led into closing a multi 7-figure deal.





Short Term Results

Over 50 VC meetings in under 40 days.

Long Term Results

Closed multi 7 figure deal.

CEO & Founder

Esteban Berenstein

Meet Your Saas Growth Consultant

With over 14 years of (tech) sales experience in different countries around the world i.e. Equatorial Guinea (Africa), Ireland and Spain, and working with the biggest Technology giants in the world such as Linkedin and Oracle, I've built new business and increased revenue Q-o-Q for their book of business.

Now, I’m helping start-ups position, market and sell their solutions profitably all while getting investor ready.

Startups come to me when they have a great solution but don't have an effective way of going to market with their technology and are struggling to collect case studies to get traction for VC's to invest in them.

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  • Go-to-market with the Saaslaunch.io industry standard Business Development System that has scheduled sales appointments like clockwork.
  • Close sales opportunities with on average 60% close rates and collect case studies.
  • Get investor-ready with the Pitch Perfect Funding Formula and have the right VC invest in their company.

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