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Our Average SaaS Partner (Not Our Best):

Takes their first investor meeting within

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Customers served! 30 % Customers served!

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Customers served! 30 Weeks Customers served!
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We guarantee our Funding Formula will get Startup Founders at least 20 meetings with investors in the next 90 days Or we will give you every last cent of your investment back, no questions asked.

IMPORTANT: We have payment plans and commission models available if we think you are a good fit.

Not Convinced? Numbers don't lie

Our Average SaaS Partner (Not Our Best)

Takes their first investor meeting within 30 days Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.
Increases the number of investor meetings by 30 % Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.
Increases their investment ask by
30 % Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.
Closes their investment deal in as little as 30 weeks Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis.

Without spending money on huge upfront fees or wasting opportunities pitching their SaaS solution like an amateur

If We Don’t Get You Funded, We Don’t Get Paid. Seriously!

If we don't get you at least 20 new investor meetings within 90 days you get your money back, it's that simple.

Who would have thought, a firm that actually puts their money where their mouth is, literally!!!

This way incentives are perfectly aligned and everyone is motivated towards, and more importantly compensated for, the same universal goal...

Getting you funded!

We don't care for vanity metrics like "being in talks", or even "we were close to closing a deal" because at the end of the day you want one thing and one thing only...

Funding in the bank!

Outside our initial setup fees (which are covered by our guarantee), we only get paid once you get funding and money in the bank so you can rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to get you funded.

We even have payment plans available, if you qualify.

So if this sounds like you then click below to schedule a call with one of my Saas Funding Consultants and we’ll take it from there.

Denise Edwards
Founder and Saas Funding Consultant @

The Saas Funding Formula

We’ll take you through each phase and at the end,  if we don’t get you funded, we don’t get paid

Phase one

Building The Foundation

We take a deep dive into your business to get an understanding of your solution and how your company is positioned to get funding.

We start searching in our database and make a shortlist of investors that match the criteria that your startup needs.

We then start to revamp your pitch deck so that it does the job it's supposed to and builds intrigue while highlighting the opportunity that is available to the right investor.

We ensure that this doesn’t come off as needy or is off-putting to investors.

By the end of this phase, your pitch deck will be nailed down and we’ll be in the strongest possible position to get you funding.


We Get Things Moving

Now we go out into the investor world.

We share the pitch deck with our eager investor network and the accelerators outside of it.

This is the biggest lever we have to get you meetings and most Saas founders make a complete mess of it.

We’ll do it the right way so that meetings start appearing on your calendar with investors that are able and willing to put their hands in their pockets.

No messing around with wannabes or time-wasters.

We are here to do business and only legit investors can take up our valuable time at this crucial stage.

PHASE three

Money In The Bank…

This is a crucial step, there's a reason the saying “fail to prepare and you better prepare to fail” is pretty much a universal truth.

But every single week we see SaaS Founders go into investor meetings utterly unprepared and quite frankly it's embarrassing.

That doesn’t happen to our partners and it won’t happen to you.

We prepare you for the investor meeting so that you hold the power and your confidence is through the roof when taking these meetings.

We’ll have your pitch on point and your storytelling so compelling that investors won’t want to miss the opportunity to fund your business.

On the off chance, they don’t make an offer we'll even give them one last chance to get in while they still can before we move on and narrow down our final candidates.

At this point, it's all about figuring out who’s the right fit and who you want to invest in your business.

Investors have to prove themselves to you and not the other way around.

We’ll then dot the I’s and cross the T’s before making our final decision and closing the deal.

Our Clients

Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

Over 50 VC Meetings in under 40 Days, closing out a multi-7-figure deal

When Esteban and his co-founder launched their Saas platform they quickly understood that it was not easy go-to-market and get traction from customers.

Even with 20+ years of working experience in the Tech industry, it was a struggle to close deals let alone get funding.

The results

Once we did a full analysis of their solution, understood how to position it compared to their competitors, and started working on their go-to-market strategy vastly improving their marketing and sales.

Esteban soon saw what was missing to get customers on board.

Once started, we got Esteban over 50 VC meetings which led to closing a multi-7-figure deal.


Saas - Fintech

short-term Results
Over 50 VC meetings in under 40 days

long-term Results
Multiple 7-figure funding deal closed

Esteban Berenstein

From ‘make-it-or-break-it’ to Funded.

Lauren came to us when her business was at a critical stage. She founded LifeWizards Academy and wanted to develop an app that would reach her audience at scale.

She soon understood that it took more than only hard work in developing the app.

Not only that, she began to see that securing investment was more challenging than expected due to many different moving parts within the fundraising process and the work required to understand what to do at each step.

The results

Once we started working on the project plan and deliverables for the app, we soon went into the funding phase, where we worked not only on her pitch, but also on the foundations i.e. valuation, investment criteria, and more.

Lauren soon saw, how to get more confident in her pitching and also how to speak with investors. Once she got the opportunity to pitch to one of the investors, she sealed a deal where she got investment for the first phase of the app. On top of that, the investor opened doors to new sales opportunities that helped her company expand its offering.

LifeWizards Power App

Saas - Mobile App

short-term Results
Self Confidence articulating her pitch and speaking with investors

long-term Results
Obtained first phase of funding and expansion of sales opportunities

Lauren Ballester

Found a credible partner that works efficiently & focuses on the long term relationship.

Darius runs a consulting agency that helps startups with growth opportunities, investor relations and fundraising advice.

It was a challenge for him to find reliable partners in the space of fundraising so when he started working with us, he saw how professional, effective and efficient we worked together.

The results

In the span of just a short period, Darius started receiving new opportunities that were carefully selected by us.

He found the way of working together very effective and with maximum efficiency to be ‘refreshing’ in this space and is happy that we are focussed on the long term relationship.
We have helped Darius save precious time during the process and all of these aspects together shows credibility towards our partnership.


Fundraise Partner

short-term Results
Found the reliable partner that was needed for the business

long-term Results
Acquired new clients and Funding opportunities

Darius Kraucionis

6 Figure Deal with A strategic investor.

Before Dan and his co-founder started working with us, they felt like novices around the area of fundraising. 

They needed some help with regards to the story, the pitch deck and also reaching out to investors.

When we walked them through what’s expected about their story and pitch deck, the story had the elements that were needed to show how their solution would change the industry and the added value it would bring.

The results

After working with us they understood the process and pinned down their exact story.

We kept them on track and accountable and were honest about the expectations.

Through the outreach they’ve received between 30-40 VC’s that were on the shortlist for their next round but most importantly they’ve found their strategic investor who not only funded them a 6 figure deal but also provided them access to their network to further expand on their sales opportunities.


Saas - Workforce Management

short-term Results
Pinning down their story and pitch to investors

long-term Results
Funding from a strategic Investor and access to their network

Dan Wain 
Official partners
Meet The Team

Denise Edwards

After over 14 years of sales experience working for the tech giants such as Linkedin and Oracle, as well as smaller Startups in multiple countries I identified a huge problem when it comes to funding startups…

Companies that help you get funding have astronomical fees.

They even expect you to pay upfront and they don’t even have a guarantee that they will get you meetings, never mind funding.

It’s a catch-22.

You need money to get money.

And the odds aren’t stacked in your favour.

That’s where I come in.

I created a business that stacks the chips in your favour.

A business that only succeeds when you succeed.

See, it makes sense for me to use my experience and connections to work more on a performance basis.

I know I can get my partner's funding, it’s what I do day in, day out so there's no need for me to demand high fees upfront.

I can guarantee results because our incentives are aligned.

I succeed by helping you succeed so you know I’ll be heavily invested in getting you the funding you want. 

So if you’re looking for a funding partner that is willing to put skin in the game schedule a quick call below and let's talk.

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