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From ‘Make-It-Or-Break-It’ To The First Phase Of Funding

Lauren came to us when her business was at a critical stage. She founded LifeWizards Academy and wanted to develop an app that would reach her audience at scale.

She soon understood that it took more than only hard work in developing the app.

Not only that, she began to see that securing investment was more challenging than expected due to many different moving parts within the fundraising process and the work required to understand what to do at each step.

The results

Once we started working on the project plan and deliverables for the app, we soon went into the funding phase, where we worked not only on her pitch, but also on the foundations i.e. valuation, investment criteria, and more.

Lauren soon saw, how to get more confident in her pitching and also how to speak with investors.

Once she got the opportunity to pitch to one of the investors, she sealed a deal where she got investment for the first phase of the app and on top of that, the investor opened doors to new sales opportunities that helped her company expand its offering.

Life Wizards Power App

Saas - Mobile App

short-term Results
Self confidence in articulating her pitch and speaking with investors.

long-term Results
Obtained first phase of funding and expansion of sales opportunities.

Lauren Ballester