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Over 50 VC Meetings in under 40 Days, closing out a multi-7-figure deal

When Esteban and his co-founder launched their Saas platform they quickly understood that it was not easy go-to-market and get traction from customers.

Even with 20+ years of working experience in the Tech industry, it was a struggle to close deals let alone get funding.

The results

Once we did a full analysis of their solution, understood how to position it compared to their competitors, and started working on their go-to-market strategy vastly improving their marketing and sales.

Esteban soon saw what was missing to get customers on board.

Once started, we got Esteban over 50 VC meetings which led to closing a multi-7-figure deal.


Saas - Fintech

short-term Results
Over 50 VC meetings in under 40 days.

long-term Results
Multiple 7-figure funding deal closed.

Esteban Berenstein