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Found a credible partner that works efficiently and focuses on the long term relationship.

Darius runs a consulting agency that helps startups with growth opportunities, investor relations and fundraising advice.

It was a challenge for him to find reliable partners in the space of fundraising so when he started working with us, he saw how professional, effective and efficient we worked together.

The results

In the span of just a short period, Darius started receiving new opportunities that were carefully selected by us.

He found the way of working together very effective and with maximum efficiency to be ‘refreshing’ in this space and is happy that we are focussed on the long term relationship.

We have helped Darius save precious time during the process and all of these aspects together shows credibility towards our partnership.


Fundraise partner

short-term Results
Found the reliable partnership that was needed for the business.

long-term Results
Acquired new clients and funding opportunities.

Darius Kraucionis