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6 figure deal with a strategic investor.

Before Dan and his co-founder started working with us, they felt like novices around the area of fundraising. 

They needed some help with regards to the story, the pitch deck and also reaching out to investors.

When we walked them through what’s expected about their story and pitch deck, the story had the elements that were needed to show how their solution would change the industry and the added value it would bring.

The results

After working with us they understood the process and pinned down their exact story.

We kept them on track and accountable and were honest about the expectations.

Through the outreach they’ve received between 30-40 VC’s that were on the shortlist for their next round but most importantly they’ve found their strategic investor who not only funded them a 6 figure deal but also provided them access to their network to further expand on their sales opportunities.


Saas - workforce Management

short-term Results
Pinning down their story and pitch to investors.

long-term Results
funding from a strategic investor and access to their network. 

dan wain 
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6 Figure Deal with A strategic investor.
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